Rob is caught in a trap

Rob accidentally arrests DC Ben Richards who’s working undercover to try and infiltrate a gang involved with drug dealing and sex trafficking, led by crime boss Fryer. Rob’s untimely arrest forces the hand of his boss DI O’Neil and the DCS running the investigation, Blake, who order they raid Fryer’s premises. Blake has his own vendetta against Rob – he grassed up a copper mate of his, who ended up being killed by Fryer.

Rob tells O’Neil of this history hoping she’ll support him but instead she’s distrustful of Rob, someone who could grass up his colleagues. Blake appoints Rob to lead the raid into Fryer’s flat, clearly intending for Rob to be harmed. During the raid, they catch Fryer who says Blake doesn’t have enough evidence to charge him. When Rob isn’t looking, Fryer is somehow pushed through the window to his death!

Back at base, Blake implies Rob pushed Fryer, blackmailing an also dodgy Richards to back him up. O’Neil sees through this and tells Blake as such, claiming she’ll turn the nervy Richards and then Blake will go down. Blake leaves the nick, dropping his charges against Rob to save himself, claiming it was an accident. Rob thanks O’Neil, knowing she saved him from Blake.

However, O’Neil has her own motives, she wants Rob to back her up on everything from now on, to take her side over Driver so that she can make the nick hers. Rob’s shocked but O’Neil reasons that if he doesn’t do this she can easily convince Blake to reassert his previous accusations regarding Fryer’s death. It’s his choice. Rob is frustrated, she has him exactly where she wants him…