Rob and Lily deal with a boy who has stabbed a man in his own home but as they struggle to find out what really happened, Luke from the ARU hinders them with his arrogance. David slips a stitch cutter up his sleeve and when Rob tells David that CID want to speak to him, David grabs Lily and holds the stitch cutter to her throat.

As Rob tries to calm an agitated David, Luke points a gun at David, panicking him more. As Lily breaks free, David swipes angrily at Rob and Luke fires a gunshot. As David falls to the ground, Lily and Rob rush to save him but it’s too late. Lily is devastated and Rob looks angrily at Luke, who’s frozen.

Meanwhile, Zara is invited to go to South Africa to visit an ex lover and when Julia says she’d be mad to turn down the offer, Zara claims she’s been there and done that! Later, after spurning young Jack’s advances, Zara calls Mr South Africa; if he’s paying, she’d love to come!

Later, Karen is packing Jack’s things for university when she discovers a pair of ladies’ lacy knickers. When Jack returns home Karen confronts him but Jack is furious at her and storms out.

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