Rob’s on the run and when Tracy gets a call from an unknown number she’s shocked to hear what Rob has to say. Telling Tracy he loves her and Amy more than anything, Rob convinces Tracy to meet up with him at the B&B and bring some cash.

As Liz opens her birthday card from Tony she tells him she can’t believe he was so stupid as to get involved with Tracy Barlow. But a grovelling Tony succeeds in winning her round with a surprise romantic meal in the back room of the Rovers.

Following a suggestion from Audrey, Maria calls into the garage and asks Luke if he’ll come with her to look at a car she’s thinking of buying.

Michelle’s hurt to discover Steve is trying to avoid her by volunteering to do a double shift at Street Cars.

Michael gets hold of his cousin Elaine who provides him with a possible address for his so,n Gavin. Gail wishes him luck as he sets off in the hope of finding him.