Rob makes Whitney an offer

Max is horrified when an angry Lauren wants to move in with Tanya. Max demands Whitney tell Lauren he had nothing to do with the kiss. Rob visits and comforts and upset Whitney. Rob takes Whitney for a drink and suggests she move in with him. Whitney is at her lowest point after a run-in with Carol and then Lauren. Rob returns and when he repeats his offer she gets in his car and they drive away from the Square…

Masood returns from his post round in a furious mood after finding out that Yusuf is living in the Square. Tamwar joins Afia, Yusuf and Denise for lunch to talk over plans for the wedding. Masood is upset when he sees them together. Later, Masood is horrified when Tamwar points out the engagement ring that Afia wants – it costs a fortune!

Julie steals a birthday card from the Minute Mart. Heather catches her, but doesn’t tell Patrick. Heather offers to wash Julie’s clothes as they smell and she takes them to the launderette. Julie confides in Heather that she had a son, but had to give him up when he was born as she wasn’t fit to be a parent. Heather is sympathetic, thinking about her situation with George.