Will plants drugs to frame Robert!

A thrilled Will thinks his plan to frame Robert has worked when the police arrive with sniffer dogs

Will invites Maria to meet him for lunch at the bistro and oblivious to his plan, Maria agrees. Will then calls in the bistro and when nobody’s looking, plants drugs in the first aid box. Taking out his phone, he then calls the police and tips them off. As Maria joins him for lunch, Rana Nazir takes Zeedan Nazir by surprise in the bistro kitchen, causing him to cut himself. Michelle pulls out the first aid box but when she opens it, she’s shocked to find a bag of drugs. Michelle, Zeedan, Kate, Daniel and Rana stare at the drugs in horror when the police arrive with sniffer dogs. As Kate and Daniel stall the police officers, Michelle tries to dispose of the drugs and Will watches in excitement.

Will Phelan finally get his comeuppance?

Seb calls at No.13. Faye’s concerned to see the bruising on his face but Seb plays it down. What is Seb hiding? And can Faye come up with a cunning plan to get to the bottom of it?

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