Rob messes up!

After a nudge from Harrison, Rob decides to look for the missing murder weapon in the cemetery Kevin mentioned in his interview. Officers locate the plaque dedicated to Kevin’s grandmother but, frustratingly for Harrison, they keep missing the knife. Harrison’s relieved when one of the officers finally finds it and DI Driver praises Rob’s work.

However, a distracted Rob gives the knife to a rookie officer who loses it. Harrison blames Rob and Driver is furious, taking him off CID. Driver goes to interview Heston who has just returned from holiday. Heston gets into a muddle trying to recall his whereabouts, but Mrs Tembe reminds him that he was at a Mikado rehearsal on the night of Lauren’s murder.

Driver returns to the police station and tells Kevin they can’t charge him as there’s a problem with the evidence, but his prints are all over the murder weapon. Driver is left with no option, but to release Kevin and, as he leaves, he’s confronted by the media who have already condemned him as the murderer. Rob watches on, feeling a failure, gutted his career’s in tatters.

Also, a desperate housewife seeks revenge on her husband, but can Cherry unravel the truth before events spiral out of control…?