His nerves in shreds, Rob irons his wedding shirt, wondering whether Carla will call the police. Still conflicted, Carla tells Rob she needs to get ready for the wedding. Rob’s relieved and as they set off Rob thanks her for standing by him. Tracy’s brimming with happiness as she, Amy and Ken leave for the wedding in a horse-drawn carriage. With the guests assembled at the venue, Rob waits nervously for Carla to take her seat.

Unable to confide in Gail, it’s left to Eileen to accompany a jittery Michael to his hospital appointment. Back at home, Gail plans a Japanese evening to cheer Michael up, but when David and Kylie clock Eileen and Michael arriving home in a taxi they wonder if the pair are having an affair.

Cilla packs her bags and tells Fiz and Tyrone she knows she’s outstayed her welcome. As Tyrone, Fiz, Chesney and Sinead see Cilla off on the bus, Sinead can see she’s in a lot of pain, but her family are too excited to see her go to notice her distress.

Michelle confides in Liz that things are really bad between her and Steve.