Rob plans a fun day out for Karen – shooting!

After their last date went so well, Karen’s looking forward to her next outing with Rob – only this time there’s no vintage car, just Rob wearing wellies and a flat cap. Rob refuses to let slip the secret until they’re there: It’s a day of clay pigeon shooting! Rob reminds Karen they did it once when Jack was tiny but Karen whinges: this doesn’t feel like fun at all. Once Karen gets used to the shotgun, it turns out she’s a natural – she’s so good that she even puts trained marksman Rob in the shade. When it’s time to go, Karen doesn’t want to leave yet, asking when can they come back next?!

Mrs Tembe and Josh are both nervous as they meet at a Letherbridge art gallery. To try and avoid any awkwardness, Mrs Tembe has created index cards of conversation topics, which starts with the obvious ‘Art’, but they soon run into some tense moments when images of nudity makes one or the other of them react oddly. When Josh says he should have properly worked out what they could talk about, Mrs Tembe shares her index cards with him – believe her, it’s not much help! So they have some things in common – making lists… and their faith. It may not be much, but it’s a start…

Also, Al is drawn into a complex 30-year-old mystery when an elderly man with dementia confesses murdering his wife. Could it possibly be true?