Rob plots to get rid of baby Marnie

Will Karen find out about Rob's deceitful plan?

Rob visits a foster carer called Ellen, a specialist in caring for babies who have heroin addictions. Rob tells Ellen he’s worried that Karen can’t give Marnie the care she needs. He then goes on to claim that Karen has mental health issues. He mentions her head injury and says she’s been struggling with her mental health even more since looking  after Marnie.

Ellen’s left concerned for the well-being of Marnie and advises him to see their social worker, Jane. Rob makes his way to Jane’s office and claims that Karen has walked out on him and Marnie! He even lies and says that Karen nearly burnt her when feeding her a bottle of milk! Jane agrees that Marnie needs to be taken out of Karen’s care. Will Karen find out the truth and has Rob ruined their foster chances for good?