Tracy visits Rob in prison and assures him there’s been nobody else in her life. Knowing she’s lying, Rob masks his contempt. When she returns home, she’s taken aback to discover her shop full of flowers. Robert tells her to follow her dream and take up floristry again.

Meanwhile, Rob tells his cellmate he will soon get his revenge on Tracy.

As the ceremony gets underway, Billy reads out the Good Samaritan nominees, but he’s interrupted by the arrival of Dee and her neighbour Pat. Pointing an accusing finger at Michael, Pat confirms that he’s the man who burgled Dee’s house.

Sinead organises a whip round in the factory to buy some decorations. Fiz, Hope and Ruby return home and are bowled over to find their living room transformed into a Christmas grotto with a beautiful tree. 

Anna and Kevin compare notes on their forthcoming dates. Eva flirts with Aidan at the factory Christmas party. Kylie pleads with David to come home, if only for the sake of Max and Lily.