Rob proposes… again!

While Christmas shopping, Karen tells Rob she has some memories coming back but she’d like to remember more about when she was dating Rob and about their wedding day. Later on, Karen can’t find Rob and when she eventually locates him in the electronics store he proposes… again!

Howard is talking to Jackie, the daughter of an old family friend, when they are attacked by two hoodies with water balloons. Jackie explains she’s in a club where the members play pranks and her ex-boyfriend, Keegan, is the leader. Jackie and Howard have a heart to heart about her therapy and her relationship with Keegan. Later, Jackie tells Howard that she and Keegan are trying again.

Jimmi tries to speak to Ayesha about her living arrangements but she angrily says it’s temporary until she gets through the Social Services panel. Jimmi tells her Bren needs help. Ayesha gets back to Bren’s house and finds her unconscious in her own vomit. She calls 999 but Bren comes round just as the paramedics arrive.