Rob puts Howard on ‘Karen-watch’

When Rob offers Mrs Tembe money towards Karen’s keep, she’s forced to tell him Karen isn’t living with her anymore and Rob’s furious to learn she’s now staying with Al, who Rob’s certain is just using Karen as a case study for his research into memory loss. Rob suggests to Karen she might want to move home for a few weeks – she refuses but thinks she should give Al some housekeeping money and snatches the cash he tried to give Mrs Tembe.

Howard’s on Special Constable duty when Rob says he has an important surveillance job for him and he’s shocked to learn the target is Karen! Howard reluctantly tails her as she hits some bars and leaves one with a smartly dressed man, who ends up rejecting her. Seeing how upset Karen is, Howard discreetly tells a taxi driver to take her home. Back at the station, Howard has no choice but to tell Rob what he saw.

Elsewhere, Mandy threatens to quit as stage manager of the panto when Heston says her costumes need more work, and Kevin helps a patient trying to convince her mother to let her have the cervical cancer jab.