Karen and Rob are still arguing over his desire to join the Armed Response Unit and she’s not convinced when he says that, statistically, it’s safe. Later, Rob and Karen are out walking when they see an armed police raid on a drug den. It’s obvious Rob knew about the raid and, while Karen keeps quite in front of his colleagues, when they get home she’s furious.

Karen tells Rob she does not want to take a job where guns are involved – but Rob tells her he’s going to do it whether she likes it or not!

Meanwhile, Jimmi is delighted when Cerys pops into see him but gets embarrassed when she shows Cherry and Simon images on her mobile of Jimmi ‘dad-dancing’. After lunch at The Icon, Jimmi admits to Cerys that she made him feel silly and Cerys says that, if she likes someone, she teases them. Jimmi takes it in good humour, clearly smitten with Cerys.

Also, Ruth makes a family realise that self-medication is doing more harm than good.

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