Rob quizzes Al

After Jas reported her car being broken into and the nude photos posted on the Campus website, Rob goes to see Al for a ‘chat’. Al’s arrogant persona is quickly worn away as he’s questioned by Rob and his colleague Tom Cooper, who force him to admit to some of the unsavoury stalking he’s been doing like waiting outside Jas’s house and lying about his girlfriend. 

Al denies sending the abusive texts and emails and vandalising Jas’s car, though when Rob and Tom turn their attentions to the naked photos of Jas, Al is fixated and can barely tear his eyes away from them. However, Al claims the recent sinister stuff isn’t him and provides a list of mildly obssessive behaviour he IS guilty of. Indeed, a search of Al’s home reveals little more than the fact that Al has a slight fixation with Jas.

But Rob’s still suspicious when he finds the key that Al kept to Jas’s place after changing the locks for her. Rob doesn’t have the evidence to arrest Al yet, but says he’s very much suspect number one! Later, Rob calls Howard, recommending that Al be suspended, pending further enquiries…

Meanwhile, Mrs Tembe comes face to face with the vicar of St Bernadette’s – and it’s not Gordon!

And Howard gets a surprise when he tries to return a hard-partying student to her halls.