Rob recovers from the stabbing

As Rob awakes in the hospital after being stabbed yesterday, a guilty Jimmi comes to see him, nervous and apologetic for missing the signs of Jack’s overdose but Rob doesn’t want his sympathy. Rob receives a phone call from the Chief Superintendent announcing that he’s going to be awarded a medal for saving the lives of the women trapped inside the community centre – but he’s so full of self-loathing, he hates the idea.

Then Howard arrives and, while he’s sensitive about Rob’s condition, he confronts him about what he sees as his reckless behaviour, with no regard for his own safety. Rob doesn’t want to be lectured by a special, so revels in telling Howard he’s getting a medal. Later, Rob receives a visit from Karen, which perks him up. But when an unfeeling Karen says she’s only there because Mandy told her she had to be, Rob’s left in misery.

Also, Daniel is perplexed by numerous inconsistencies in his bank statements. But what seems like a clerical error is actually the first signal of a stalker with a particular interest in Daniel’s existence.

And when Valerie tells Jimmi she thinks Karen’s faking her memory loss, he gives her a very large piece of his mind!