Rob refuses to give in to Carla

Carla’s aghast as Rob refuses to sign over his 30 per cent. Michelle and Carla feel he’s in no position to call the shots, but Rob declares his share is worth £50,000 and what Carla’s doing is worse than what he did to her. But Carla refuses to waver despite his desperation.

Covering his anxiety Karl tries to reason with Dev but, insisting he’s going to the police, Dev finds Sunita’s phone, convinced there may be evidence on it to support his growing theory. At the police station Dev’s a man on a mission as he insists he has questions that need answering and evidence that needs considering. Karl reels as he worries the police will reopen the case.

Tommy fetches Tina home, but it’s clear her thoughts are with the baby. Tina insists she’s fretting about Gary and Izzy, but Tommy’s not fooled and when she asks him to take her back to the hospital to visit Jake we see he’s concerned by her growing feelings.

Also, Eileen’s exhausted as Paul gets ready to start another night shift. Her anxiety kicking in at the prospect of him going to work, she sets about distracting herself; Marcus doesn’t mention the wedding invite to Maria, admitting to Sean that he’s embarrassed about what his gay friends will say.