Rob rushes Cherry’s mugger to hospital

Rob is on the beat when he comes across Barry – the man who was attacked by Scott after he mugged Cherry – slumped in the gutter. Barry is totally unwilling to speak about his attack and when he plays up, Rob takes him to the police station to see Jimmi. Barry still refuses to discuss the attack but then collapses with a punctured lung and is rushed to St Phil’s. DS Richmond warns Rob off Barry without telling him why but Rob knows that Barry is hiding something and he wants answers.

When Cherry wakes up in pain and shaken by the attack, Scott is a complete gem and phones Julia to tell her what’s happened getting her a day off work. He then pampers Cherry with constant hot drinks and her favourite food. Simon comes round and treats Cherry’s strained arm and puts it in a temporary sling. Cherry’s heart sinks when Scott gets a phone call referring to an urgent deal but Scott says his girlfriend has been hurt and he can’t leave her regardless of what a good opportunity it may be.

Also, Daniel helps two sporting brothers see life beyond the game.

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