Rob’s past comes back to haunt him

Rob prepares himself to interview Andy and when Andy calls Rob ‘Buster’, Noakes, watching with Jimmi, gets frustrated – what’s going on in there? Rob tries to draw out of Andy information about Treehouse, but Andy is very cagey. A flashback in Rob’s mind is triggered and we see Rob and Andy as 17-year-olds. Rob threw a full beer can over a bridge and caused a fatal accident, which Andy took the fall for. Rob owes this man everything.

Rob tells Andy they know that he didn’t try to kill Gregson, while Andy reveals that he and Rob know each other. Rob suspends the interview and tells Noakes that they went to school together, but nothing more. Noakes disagrees and sends Rob back in. Eventually Andy reveals that there are coppers in this station who can’t be trusted and he only trusts Rob.

Also, Rob goes home and tells Karen that the interview was fine – but when she tells him he’s done a great job, Rob looks forlorn.