Rob goes to see Mrs Tembe in hospital and she tells him that she has given Hutch’s photograph to the local newspaper – she wants him brought to justice! Meanwhile, an article about the attack has been published online, and Mrs Tembe is being hailed as a have-a-go hero! Rob’s put out when Karen tell him that Al is coming over to see Mo that night.

It’s the day of Niamh’s photo shoot for the ‘Icons’ calendar. She emerges dressed as Adele, and is thrilled when Al gives her the thumbs up but then he gets a text and wanders off.  Despite this, Jimmi gets a beautiful shot of Niamh as Adele.

Daniel comes back from holiday and tells Jimmi he’s not convinced that Mrs Tembe is the right person to take over as Practice Manager. Jimmi’s annoyed but Daniel insists he’d like to hold formal interviews.

Elsewhere, Ruhma invites Heston to go for a curry – this time it’s her treat!