Is Rob having second thoughts about Tracy?

Tracy is desperate to stay on the run with Rob in Corrie

Tracy assures Rob that she loves him and she won’t let him down. But he’s ultra jittery. Meanwhile, Ken and Steve mull over Tracy’s departure, both now fearful she may have done a runner to avoid the police.

When Mary sees an upset Bethany on the street she takes her to the flower shop for a chat. When Nathan finds Bethany there he attempts to convince her to come home with him. But how much has Bethany said to Mary?

Rosie and Sophie confront Gina over the vicious messages sent to Sally. Gina’s stunned, and blaming Gina’s bipolar condition, Leah explains that Gina was definitely responsible, but has no memory of it. Gina’s upset, while Rosie and Sophie don’t know what to think…

Will Billy support Todd and tell Drew that he’s not in a position to look after Summer? Declaring his love for her, Robert asks Michelle to move in. Will she agree?