Jules gets home, finds blood on the carpet and her husband Richard missing. Rob and PC Chambers arrive to investigate, and soon discover it was all a set up and Richard wanted to disappear and then come back for Jules. However, Jules was only interested in Richard’s money and, when she realises he doesn’t have any, she leaves.

Heston is frustrated when Daniel explains that Anthony was the strongest candidate. Anthony comes to Daniel having overheard, and suggests that Heston sit in on a meeting. They come up with some positive ideas, and Anthony tells the others he has found some budget and wants to employ Valerie as his Administrative Assistant. Heston is pleased and tells Mrs Tembe he should give Anthony a chance.

Valerie is delighted to see Claire, but is unsettled when Claire talks negatively about how the cancer has changed her life. They sit together, both frightened. Claire tells Valerie her plans to go to Italy, but as Valerie leaves she looks back at Claire, so frail and fragile, and sees her potential future.