Rob surprises Karen with a gift

At breakfast, Rob gives Karen an eternity ring and she’s overjoyed.

At The Mill, Mrs Tembe enters the staffroom with Tupperware containers but Elaine promises Julia that it won’t be a repeat of the other day. Later, Julia is alarmed to see black smoke wafting past a window and finds Elaine and Mrs Tembe on the back patio with a barbecue, but Elaine reassures her.

Before lunch it starts to drizzle but Mrs Tembe is insistent that it will not defeat her. When everyone is ushered outside for food, the team are wary but when they try the African food they are blown away!

After The Mill has closed, Julia sees Daniel and Zara snogging. She’s wary – this can only lead to trouble.

Cherry is alarmed to see Jimmi handing £200 to Dav. She confronts Jimmi about it who’s laid back – he helps Dav like this every few years or so.

Later they apologise to each other and look forward to a night on their own without Dav.

Late that night, Dav returns with a girl and Cherry goes downstairs and asks them to keep it down but they laugh. Dav threatens Cherry – women come and go but he and Jimmi go way back, so she’d better start being nice to him.

Meanwhile, Simon tries to help a car salesman who has lost his voice win a contest to keep his job.

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