Dawn reminds Rob he’s agreed to finish with May and leaves his house a happy woman. When the doorbell rings later at the Millers, she flies to open it expecting to see Rob. Instead May is there asking how she’s feeling. Dawn immediately calls Rob and demands to know why he hasn’t ended his marriage. Rob insists he can’t because it would destroy his wife. Dawn takes on the responsibility herself and picks a fight with May in the Vic. Back home, May congratulates herself on a great performance but the tears suggest she’s finding this game harder than she thought.

Customs & Excise officers search Mo’s house, but only find one carton of cigarettes. She insists they are leftover duty-free and just as the officials accept her story, Charlie arrives with armfuls of cartons and Mo is taken away.

Carly is disgusted at the sight of her snoring mum on the sofa and tells Deano he has to choose between them, but is stunned when he says he’s sick of her bullying and chooses his mother over her.