Robbie dates Katie’s mini-me

What little Robbie lacks in height he certainly doesn’t make up for with brains. Robbie’s just a nasty little wind-up merchant and his latest efforts to get to Katie involve dating Cheryl, a girl who he thinks looks just like Katie. But she doesn’t. And Katie’s not annoyed, she’s amused. Robbie doesn’t like being laughed at though, and he’s the one who ends up angry. Now Katie’s not amused; she’s determined to get rid of Robbie – as determined as he is to get rid of her…

Kerry doesn’t want to get rid of Amy, but she does. Amy finds out Kerry spent the night at Andy’s house and she’s not happy. Her mother has lied to her and let her down too often and Amy wants her gone. Kerry’s not her mother, she tells her, Val is. Ouch! That hurts, but still Kerry won’t go – especially as Andy enjoyed her company so much he has invited her to stay another night. As Amy sees it that leaves her with just one option: if Kerry won’t leave she will. She tells Val and Pollard she’s off to visit Hannah in London and will stay there until Kerry goes.

Victoria wants to be on the move, too – into Butler’s Farm, to be closer to Alex and to get away from Kerry, who has become Andy’s new BF. That’s very awkward for Alex!