*Episode One*

It looks like Robbie’s got a fan in Kerry… Oh, no… wait. Kerry, who’s dressed as a cheerleader for the charity table football event, isn’t shaking her pom-pom for Robbie – she’s hitting him with it! And little Robbie’s such a lightweight he goes flying. To be fair, though, there was the full weight of Kerry’s fist behind the pom-pom. Kerry steps in when Robbie picks on Sean… She’s not having a runt like Robbie pushing her man Dan’s lad around – and Sean is seriously impressed by her right hook.

Debbie gives Cameron a slap after he confesses his most awful secrets but that doesn’t shut him up. He wants Debbie to know everything… neither of them knowing that Gennie’s upstairs recording every word they say to each other. Cameron loves Debbie and thinks the only way they can be together is if she knows exactly what he’s done. But now Gennie knows everything, too and there’s only one way things can end: badly.

Rhona and Vanessa’s social call on Moira was always going to end badly. It starts friendly enough, with them all drinking wine, but then Moira wants to talk about Vanessa’s ‘friend’ the addict and Rhona realises she’s the addict they’ve been talking about. Uh-oh…