Ste offers to help his little sister, Peri, when she wants to fit in at school and takes her shopping. Sam is furious at the inappropriate outfits Ste has allowed the 13 year old to buy. Peri opens the Christmas concert with a song of her choice and Sam and Danny nearly fall off their chairs as their eyes fall on Peri’s new belly-button ring! The Lomaxes are shocked when they return home to find a half-naked John Paul handcuffed to the banister.

Darren is grief-stricken when Sandy tells him that Nancy is brain-damaged.

In the light of what has happened, Dodger tells Patrick that he doesn’t want anything to do with him and Sienna.

Meanwhile, John Paul urges Darren not to give up on Nancy, so Darren takes Oscar to see his mummy. He wells up with tears as Nancy responds and leans in to kiss her baby.