Robbie pleads with Trevor not to kill Kim, so Trevor gives him 12 hours to get Kim out of the country or she’s dead. Robbie warns an alarmed Kim about Trevor’s plan and books a ticket for her to Malaga. However, Kim changes her mind in the car on the way to the airport and grabs the steering wheel, making Robbie swerve the vehicle. Jason’s on duty and, when he spots the out-of-control car, he gives chase. He tracks down Robbie and the twins argue, resulting in Jason flying over the edge of a ravine! Kim doesn’t witness the twins’ fight, but Robbie tells her she has to leave because if Trevor doesn’t kill her, he will!

Meanwhile, Holly’s devastated and has a go at her mum and Jason. She tells Kyle that she’ll be at his party that night and Dylan supplies Kyle with some pills. Tom wants to go to the hospital with Peri for her next appointment, but she confesses that she’s going with Angela instead. Dylan invites Tom to Kyle’s party. At the party, Holly walks off into the woods with Kyle. Tom wants to forget about Peri and takes some of Dylan’s pills, while Kyle forces himself on Holly but she knees him and runs off.

Also, Scott pretends he’s sleeping rough to Sinead and Ste. He breaks into Diane’s flat for a shower and plays the sympathy card, so Ste and Sinead invite him to stay for one night.