Robbie is charged over Graham’s death

While Tasha still finds it tough to cope with new baby Ella, Robbie has other issues to deal with. At the police station he’s being questioned about Graham’s death.

Beth and Tony get wind of the news and rush down to the station. While Morag is outraged that Robbie is being questioned so soon after Tasha has given birth, McGrath reveals that he has a statement from someone who claims that Robbie was responsible for Graham’s death. Robbie finally admits his role in Graham’s death, and says he’s prepared to face the consequences.

At the hospital, Tasha is at her wits’ end worrying about Robbie and heads to the station, leaving Irene holding her baby. Tasha arrives to learn that Robbie will be charged with Conduct Occasioning Death.

Back at the beach house Tasha’s distant behaviour worries Irene and Martha, although she perks up when Robbie arrives home. The pair puzzle over who could have told the police what Robbie did and Martha denies she let anything slip. Later, Beth tells Robbie he has her full support.

Also, Tony gets a nasty shock at new principal Brad’s first staff meeting when he’s told that, due to staff cuts, he’s out of a job. Tony is left reeling at the news.