Robbie is definitely Mummy’s boy!

Megan has made sure everyone knows she’s a tough cookie; she likes people thinking of her as a sharp player in the world of business. Now it seems Robbie wants his mother to see him the way people see her (only without the long hair, skirts, high heels… although what do we really know about Robbie?) Megan tells Robbie she’s not happy that Declan’s asked Katie to go with her to a business meeting. So Robbie makes sure Katie misses the meeting by letting her horses out of their field and he goes with Megan instead. Megan’s impressed, proud even. Katie works out what Robbie did and tells him to leave… But she’s not Lady of the Manor and Robbie’s going nowhere.

Dan’s desperate to impress Chas, so he’s entered himself in a 10km fun run in the village. Now, it’s clear even to blind Lizzie that Dan’s really only good at running off at the mouth, but he’s determined to show Chas what he’s made of – even if it kills him.

David’s determined to make sure that everyone knows he’s not the father of Rachel’s baby. The thought of that being true gives him the shivers!