Little Robbie (Carl’s almost the same size as him sitting down!) is in big trouble. Robbie’s damaged one of Carl’s vans and Carl’s going to make him pay for it. What?! But Robbie’s the poor boy whose mum (Megan) put him up for adoption, then found him and is now trying to make him part of a successful, dynamic (and tall) family. Robbie decides he needs attention, not work. So instead of going on a job for Carl, he takes Declan’s car, puts Priya in it and takes off. Carl’s furious and sacks him when he eventually returns. Megan and Declan have had enough, too. Robbie offers to leave Home Farm and they don’t beg him to stay.

Jai isn’t begging Rachel to keep his baby, but it’s clear he’s having second thoughts about her having a termination. Jai tells Charity he’s fine with her not having his baby, but he’s speaking with his head. His heart says something very different and Jai’s finding it difficult to ignore it. Meanwhile, in the village, Rachel is clearly not happy with the choice she has made…

Charity’s happy with her choice. No baby and lots of business. Her new target is Carl; she tells him there might be driving work for him – and he needs it. His haulage business is lacking pulling power lately.