Robbie meets a familiar face

Robbie gets his just deserts when he steals money from Patrick and gets caught out by ‘Freddie’, who dunks his head in the Jubilee fountain. He frog-marches Robbie towards an angry Patrick and makes him apologise. Turns out Freddie is Robbie’s hot, older brother. Meanwhile, Ste still has the pills from Robbie’s rave and when he finds out they belong to Freddie, they strike up a profitable deal.

Mercedes is on the warpath as she determines to find out who has her £200k ransom money. She steals some CCTV footage from Atwells and she sees Leanne with the cash. She then discovers that Will now has the money and hones in on him instead.

Sienna is not happy with Patrick and Maxine’s new-found closeness. While, a confused Maxine is stuck between a rock and a hard place as she’s forced to make a choice – her friendship or her relationship. Finally, for the sake of their friendship with Sienna, Maxine decides to end it with Patrick.

Also, Darren confronts a worried Tony about the fact he might have testicular cancer. As the two men bond Darren promises to be there for his friend, whatever the diagnosis…