Robbie threatens to walk out on his mum

Robbie fumes when his mum refuses to tell him what’s been going on with Declan. He can’t bear it that Megan’s not prepared to out her violent brother. Hoping Katie will have better luck in talking to her, Robbie’s left frustrated as Megan persuades her all is well at Home Farm. Loathe to stick around and watch Megan get abused, he threatens to pack his bags and leave.

At Holdgate, Jai’s spirits lift when Charity arrives to talk. The conversation starts well, but soon degenerates. Catching sight of baby Archie at the house, Charity snaps into angry mode and warns her husband she’ll be filing for divorce.

With Ashley and Harriet both vying for the village vicar job, they’re given a golden opportunity to get one up on the other as they collect for the Christmas fund. But is Ashley prepared to employ dodgy tactics to come out on top, like Harriet?