Robbie tries to blackmail Finn

It’s the morning after the night before for Finn, who’s used Declan’s credit card to enjoy a night on the town. But when he surreptitiously tries to return the card to its rightful place, he’s caught in the act by Robbie, who attempts to blackmail Finn!

As James tries to confront Moira with his suspicions, she goes out of her way to dodge him and his questions, but it’s not long before he eventually catches up with her while they’re working on the farm to ask 
a few awkward questions. As Moira insists that he’s got it all wrong, James becomes frustrated and almost runs 
his tractor into Adam! Later, when James refuses 
to let the the subject drop, Moira tries to prove that her late husband John was Adam’s dad. But is it the truth? And has she said enough to get James off her back?

As Belle’s court date looms, Zak hopes one-time jailbird Debbie will be able to get through to his daughter, but even her stories about the harsh realities of prison life fail to shock the teenager into changing her plea.

Exasperated, Zak decides drastic action is needed to make her see sense…