Robbie and Tasha share a tender moment before he heads to court for the first day of his trial. And things don’t look good when the prosecutor outlines his case by insisting he took the law into his own hands when he ended Graham’s life by switching off his life-support machine. But Morag insists Robbie acted out of compassion for Graham by ending his suffering. Later, Robbie anxiously waits for the verdict and is stunned when he is found guilty.

A few hours later, everyone troops into court to hear Robbie’s sentencing, and he prepares for the worst. But the judge surprises Robbie when he tells him he believes he acted compassionately by allowing his grandfather Graham to die with dignity – therefore he’s a free man.

Back at the Beach House, everyone is overjoyed by the decision, but Tasha has other things on her mind and tells Robbie about Josie’s invitation to live in America. She then informs a shocked Robbie that after all they’ve been through, they need a fresh start and that she wants them to leave Summer Bay for a new life in the USA.

Also, tension increases between Brad and Sally when they disagree over new Summer Bay student, Rocco Cooper.