Charlie is called to a hit and run and finds that the victim is Tanya, Robbo’s ex. Concerned for Joey, Charlie goes to Leah’s house but discovers Joey’s left and Aden reports seeing Robbo following Joey in his car. Eventually, Joey is tracked down at a hotel. Charlie arrives and finds Robbo trying to drown Joey in a bathtub. Joey is tied up and the bath water is rising… Charlie breaks down the door and saves Joey. Robbo is arrested. When Charlie goes back to the hotel to find Joey the two share a kiss.

Kirsty confronts Trey over his false accusation. An argument erupts and Trey’s father, John, walks in and he accuses Kirsty of harassing Trey. Alf supports Kirsty and tells her to avoid Trey. Later, Bartlett arrives to inform Kirsty that Trey’s father has threatened legal action. Kirsty must have no contact with Trey until the matter is resolved.

Xavier is struggling to care for Brendan, and Hugo’s no help as he doesn’t understand Brendan. Xavier is planning on having a break when Hugo announces he will be helping Martha the next day and Xavier will have to have Brendan again. Xavier’s had enough and Brendan is distressed telling Hugo he isn’t his brother, Xavier is.

*Showing on RTE One, Wednesday April 15*

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