Robbo blackmails Mason

Instantly regretting what she’s done, Amber wants to ensure that Robbo is going to the police station to change his plea. Robbo promises he will, but later betrays her. A worried Imogen urges Amber to call an end to their relationship – and Amber finally does. But there’s a sting in the tail – Robbo has video footage of Amber that he plans to use to blackmail Mason…

Kate’s specialist appointment is today and Georgia is concerned. She makes Kate promise that, in her absence, she’ll take Mason with her – but Kate soon gets confirmation that Mason doesn’t have the emotional maturity to deal with the situation.

When Kyle believes Mason’s not supporting Kate, he confronts him – but Mason insists he’s doing the right thing by distracting Kate. Kyle takes it upon himself to be there for Kate and he bolsters her spirits.

It’s Callum’s 16th next week but he doesn’t want a party. His track record with girls proves he’s a loser and he’s convinced he has nothing to celebrate. Toadie and Sonya’s attempts to talk him round are a disaster – it’s only Imogen who manages to get through to him. But he’s left with a massive crush.