Robbo intimidates Toadie and Sonja

Toadie’s thrown when he sees Robbo working near the community centre and worries for Sonya’s state of mind, having Robbo working so close. Later, Toadie and Sonya have another run-in with Robbo, who assumes it’s Toadie’s fault he’s now lost his job. Robbo vows to make out in court that the Rebecchis have a grudge against him.

Mason hopes to find and destroy the footage of Amber. But when he gets to the squat, Robbo returns and Mason’s forced to hide. Amber then arrives to confront Robbo, and Mason’s able to make his escape. Later, Mason doesn’t tell Amber about the video, and claims he was looking for evidence to bring Robbo down. He’s more determined than ever to make sure Robbo doesn’t act on his threat.

Amber’s confused when Josh doesn’t show up to their date, and when she goes to confront him about it, he tells her he knows that she was with Robbo. Amber’s devastated and takes her hurt out on Imogen. Things get worse when Josh has a go at her too and Imogen resorts to bingeing again.

Bailey’s concerned by Callum’s crush on Imogen and warns Imogen about Callum’s crush. She decides to back out of the birthday dinner.