Robbo is arrested

Amber is thrown to discover that Robbo doesn’t know about Mason’s arrest or the warrant that’s out for his own arrest. She tells Mason, and after they anonymously call the police, Robbo is arrested.

Robbo surprises everyone however when he pleads not guilty and gets bail. He tells Mason he’ll never forget that Mason ratted him out. Meanwhile, Amber is still attracted to Robbo despite what he’s done. When Mason finds Robbo talking to Amber, asking her to give him another chance, Mason punches him, thereby breaking his good behavior bond – exactly what Robbo wants…

Georgia tries to write some new songs to perform with Karl, but Kyle’s a little frustrated when he learns that she is using Scotty as her main source of inspiration. Bothered, he decides to confront her about how much he really means to her. Initially, Georgia has trouble explaining, but Kyle pushes her to spell it out for him. Finally, she does – l.o.v.e. She admits she’s in love with him and it scares the hell out of her.

Kyle is thrilled and admits he feels the same. But their newfound happiness is thrown into jeopardy when Kate, who’s been feeling nauseous and craving chocolate, later tells Kyle she may be pregnant with his child.