Sonya freaks out as she is sure someone has snatched Nell. Vanessa comes to her aid as Sheila wheels Nell in her pram from around the corner. Sonya insists on calling the police as she knows Robbo took her baby to rattle her. Sonya feels like no-one believes her but Toadie assures her he does. However, since no-one saw Robbo there is no solid proof and nothing Matt can do. When Robbo comes in to report for bail, Kelly and Matt question him on his whereabouts earlier that day. But Robbo denies all…

Karl and Susan are having their challenges with Holly. Karl contacts Izzy and has a go at her about her parenting skills. Holly comes in and Karl quickly changes his tune to protect her. Holly is pleased as she thinks her mum has initiated the call but is disappointed when Izzy cuts it short.

When Holly falls over trying to glue a drawing of herself to the Kennedy family portrait to feel more a part of the family, Karl tells Susan that he wants Holly to stay with them permanently.

Bite Club gets off to a tense start between Matt and Lucas over property issues but when Sonya sees Robbo with Amber in the backyard, tensions soon boil over.