Robbo puts pressure on Mason

Mason’s desperate to find out whether Robbo’s claims are true, so he confronts Amber and asks her whether she’s still seeing Robbo. Amber’s forced to lie, and Mason’s relieved. But when Mason refuses to give Robbo his money, he gives Mason proof of the video’s existence. Gutted, Mason turns to Paul for help, who in turn enlists Marty to find ammo and get Robbo out of town. Meanwhile, Amber discovers that Robbo lied about changing his plea – and Robbo is casing out members of Gamblers Anonymous – but why?

Terese pitches a sponsorship deal to Paul, but he’s not interested in Georgia’s ‘Dads of Erinsborough’ exhibition. He decides an up-and-coming athlete would be a more exciting proposition – and secures a deal with Hudson. But when Joshua finds out he’s furious.

Lucas continues to feel the financial pressure as he gets news that the first ‘Open for Inspection’ of the house didn’t go well.

With Vanessa sick and unable to take time off due to money worries, Lucas is tempted to turn to gambling to get them out of their financial strife…