Robbo’s dying declaration gives Toadie hope

Lives are on the line in the wake of Robbo’s death. His dying declaration gives Toadie hope that he won’t have to face a manslaughter charge. But Matt realises that his family is well and truly under the spotlight as Detective Sergeant Ellen Crabb takes over the investigation. Mason and Imogen, meanwhile, do what they can to support Amber – wondering if she is in fact responsible for Robbo’s accident, while Amber wonders at their involvement.

The pressure mounts when Imogen and Mason’s car is found – evidence links it to the car that hit Robbo, and Ellen presses Imogen and Mason for answers. Matt warns Mason to take care – but when Kate demands answers, we see him wavering.

Jack Lassiter, meanwhile, is taking Paul’s measure. What he sees is a ghost of his younger self – a man who’s put business before family, and is paying the price with loneliness. Jack sounds a warning, pushing Paul to reconsider his priorities. A warning that Paul brushes off – but Jack can see he’s hit a nerve. Will his concern be enough to turn Paul’s life in a new direction?