Robert apologises to Ken for his behaviour after the funeral and, spotting Deirdre’s stuffed marrow recipe on the table, offers to cook it for him and Tracy. It soon seems the way to Tracy’s heart is through her stomach.

As Leanne heads home after work, Dan confronts her shouting that she’s ruined his life and that he’s going to make her pay. Grabbing her by the wrist, Dan forces his way into her flat. Leanne yells at Liz to phone the police but, as Liz reaches for her phone, Dan hurls her bag across the room. Leanne, Liz and Simon watch Dan, terrified about what he’ll do next.

Eileen and Michael agree to meet for a drink, until Gail lures Michael round to No.8, making out she’s got a plumbing emergency.

As Roy sets off for his driving test, Cathy awkwardly hands him a good luck card. Vince, a garage owner, calls on Kevin and tells him he wants to make him an offer he can’t refuse. Tony arrives back on the street and braces himself to face the music.