With Robert having paid Gordon’s former neighbour, Ryan, to claim he was abused by him, he’s really got the case moving along. But that looks set to derail when Ryan appears and tells Robert he can’t continue lying for him! Desperate to help Aaron, Robert stumps up more cash to persuade Ryan to stick to the story. When Aaron clocks Robert with Ryan, will Robert explain?

Andy’s thrown when Chrissie breaks down in tears as she apologises to him for dragging him into her personal business. Confiding in the farmer, Chrissie reveals her discovery that Lawrence prefers to keep his marriages open. Her dad’s bombshell has left her wondering if Lawrence is her biological father.

Rhona’s told Marlon she and Paddy have been in a really bad place. But Marlon knows the couple very well and reckons there’s more to it than the vet is willing to let on.

Elsewhere, Megan’s is touched when Sam offers to be her birthing partner. And Jai is stunned when his pregnant ex Megan invites him to be present at her next scan.