In hospital, having been shot in the chest, Robert lies, hooked up to machines, in an induced coma. Back in the village, emotions are running high. No one knows who pulled the trigger but with Robert having made so many enemies the lists of suspects is pretty long!

Diane and Victoria are really worried as Andy has been missing all night. Chas is questioned by the police. With her wanting to protect her son Aaron, who may well have shot Robert, the barmaid struggles to relive the events of the night before.

At Home Farm, Lawrence wants Chrissie and Lachlan to keep schtum about their gun, which has gone missing along with a bracelet. Elsewhere, Marlon’s puzzled when Paddy lies to Rhona about being with him all night.

Over in the factory, coked-up Jai is in a terrible mood. So Kirin suggests he and Belle go out. Talk gets round to the state of their relationship.