Robert finds Lawrence having a heart attack

*First episode*

When Robert works out that Lawrence was behind the attack which all but killed his brother Andy, he makes sure Chrissie hears about it. Disgusted that her dad paid a gang of heavies to beat up Andy, Chrissie tells Lawrence she’s no better than her ex husband Robert, who he despises. As Lawrence contemplates what an awful mess he’s made, which has turned his beloved daughter against him, he crumples to the floor, having a cardiac arrest! When Robert happens to walk in, will he save Lawrence, or let his former father-in-law suffer?

Gabby and Jacob bond over a shared confidence. Stealing a bottle of vodka, the teens head to the pavilion where they start playing drinking games and end up kissing!

Leyla’s not too happy when Megan brings baby Eliza to work with her. But Megan’s determined to prove she can cope as a single mum. Harriet comes up with an idea when Jai tells her Megan is refusing help. Elsewhere, Belle finds out Dr Bailey is married.