Robert is terrified and fearing for his life

In hospital, Robert fears for his life. Someone has already tried to bump him off and now the police are letting Aaron off the hook it means his attempted murderer is still at large! With lots of enemies who would only be too pleased to see the back of him, Robert is petrified for his life and wants the police to guard his hospital door! Chrissie relishes seeing her hateful husband clearly terrified and revels in the power she has over him. But it seems Robert isn’t the only one with a price over his head at the moment, as another local is planning a grisly end for someone else and is determined to get the job done properly…

Boozy Chas gets Emma’s back up when James offers to help his drunken ex stumble up to bed. After making a nasty comment about Aaron to Chas, Emma seethes with jealousy as James plays the hero.

Paddy panics when Rhona encourages Marlon to call Chloe, who he pulled recently at a party. But why does Paddy go on to secretly change Chloe’s contact details on Marlon’s mobile?

Keen to keep his attempted murder plot secret, Cain warns Adam not to tell anyone how he tried to bump off Robert Sugden.