Are Robert and Nick back in business in Corrie?

Robert Preston suggests Nick buys back a share of the bistro

Nick tells Robert he’s ditching his plans to set up a rival restaurant and wants to call a truce. Robert’s taken aback and suggests Nick might like to buy back a share of the bistro. While the rivals haggle over percentage share, Leanne suggests they split the bistro 50/50. Nick and Robert finally agree on condition Leanne returns as their manager. As Nick and Leanne head home, Nick suggests they go on a proper date.

Eva’s convinced Aiden’s going to ask her to move in when he tells her to meet him at Carla’s flat and pack an overnight bag. But she’s gutted, when she arrives at the flat with her suitcase and Aidan explains it’s Johnny’s house-warming and he’s booked them a surprise mini break.

When Craig finds his application form in Beth’s handbag, she covers and insisting he has her full support, reluctantly posts the application form.

Gemma tells Dev she wants to become manager at the kebab shop but he’s scornful and shows her an article about the ‘Good Neighbour Scheme’, suggesting she should give it a shot. Sally meets up with Phelan and Vinny to discuss the planning application. But when Alex is slow with their order, Sally’s horrified as Phelan’s hauls him over the coals.