Robert pulls a gun on Ross!

*Hour-long episode*

Despite the police sniffing around, Ross is determined to go ahead with his plan. But Pete is worried for Debbie. He knows his ex has given Ross a false alibi for the night of the shooting. Andy is forced to make an admission to Robert, which changes everything. Ross is a rabbit caught in the headlights when Robert appears in front of him, brandishing a gun…

At Home Farm, Lawrence’s New Year’s Eve party is a disaster. No one wants to leave the pub. Elsewhere, Laurel invites Lisa and Belle to see in the New Year with her at the Woolie. Which of the villagers will have a miserable New Year’s Eve?

As Paddy and Tess’s affair continues, Tess is delighted as her lover gives her a bracelet. But how will he hide his purchase from Rhona? And how much longer can the love-torn, married vet keep up two relationships?

Vanessa calls a midwife when she sees something strange on baby Johnny’s back. The little boy gets checked out and is given the OK, but something the midwife says causes Vanessa concern…

Chas has a secret date planned with Gordon, but she’s forced to cover her tracks when disapproving Aaron appears.