Having received a video call from dodgy Syd, Robert needs to work fast. The dodgy crim has taken Aaron hostage. He’s got Aaron gagged and tied to a chair and is only going to release him if Robert can come up with a huge sum of money. Can Robert save his man? Will he have to pay? And if so, how’s he going to get hold of the cash?

It’s an emotional time for Laurel as she takes delivery of her late husband Ashley’s memorial headstone.

Elsewhere, Lachlan is a nervous wreck. At a hynotherapist’s consultancy, where Rebecca is having a treatment to try to help her process the crash which killed her dad and sister, Lachlan is terrified that his deadly secret is about to get exposed. Will the therapist unlock the block that Rebecca has about that fateful day? Is Rebecca about to learn her nephew wiped out their family?

Second episode of the evening.