Victoria prepares herself for Jack’s funeral and tells an upset Daz that she’s planning to move to Spain with Annie. Daz begs Victoria to change her mind and almost admits his feelings for her, but stops himself just in time as the hearse arrives to take them to the funeral. Meanwhile, Robert Sugden is watching from a distance…

Diane reads out a loving letter that Jack wrote to his children before he died at the funeral. A guilty Andy leaves the church in tears when Jack talks about leaving his beloved farm in his sons’ capable hands. Robert watches from the bridge as they bury his father, but he is spotted by Andy, who catches up with him and begs him to stay and run the farm. Robert refuses and drives away.

After the wake, Annie gives Diane a private letter from Jack saying he loved her and regretted their split. The letter ends with Jack saying she will always be Diane Sugden and Diane sobs. Andy, Daz, Diane and Victoria gather at Jack’s grave and Andy declares that he is going to keep the farm, but he needs his family. Victoria decides to stay in Emmerdale and the Sugdens are united as they link hands and walk away.

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